On the African Anti-Homosexuality Movement

Why is it that these ‪#‎BlackPuritans‬
love to praise these African leaders who are defending Africa from the
Gay Agenda, ignore the fact that these African anti-Gay Crusaders are
led and funded by White Evangelicals from the US and Western Europe?  
Why don’t they acknowledge that the rationale for attacking LGBTQ
Africans is rooted in the Racist, Genocidal Colonial Religions that our
oppressors brought to Africa?

Also, explain to me how; since Homosexuality is anti-African, why
Africa would even need anti-Gay policies?  I mean, it’s kinda like when
Whites said that Blacks were inherently inferior to Whites, then
imposed laws against us learning to read and write, and then erected
barriers to fair economic competition between Blacks and Whites.  Since
when does man need to enforce what’s natural, or ban what’s not natural
in humans?

Please explain
all this, after you are done questioning my Manhood, Sexuality, and
Blackness for even daring to raise such issues, please take a moment to
explain it to me.

I need to know because I pains me to:

See Blacks divided once against by two opposing White Forces (the White
Liberal Agenda vs. the White Evangelical Agenda); and us beating the
shit out of each other on a battleground created by our enemies.  I’m so
sick of that shit.

2. See African nations, who don’t have (or
fail to allocate) the resources to provide healthcare, proper housing,
food, military defense, and education for all Africans; expend resources
tripping off of what individual Africans are doing in their own

I mean, where’s the outrage and capital punishments
for the UN troops who’ve been raping Africans, were are the vids of
pedophile Catholic priest being killed by mobs in Africa, why aren’t
Africans burning down the Madrasas where African youth are sexually and
economically exploited by the Quranic Teachers?  Why are our Brothers
and Sisters not targeting the real Sexual predators?

With all the
sexual exploitation and rape going on, why the fuck would we start, or
even bother with consenting African adults, engaged in private, personal

Again, I don’t mind being called a Homo, or accused of supporting the Gay rights movement, that’s fine; but please address these issues, cause attacking me does not resolve these contradictions and inconsistencies.

“I’m sick of Africans hacking each other to bits over foreign ideologies!” – Del Jones