“What go around come around I figure, now we got White kids calling themselves niggas!” – KRS-One

I’m so glad to see this and I hope it continues and expands.

The youth of this day have rediscovered Cultural appropriation,
and they are very sensitive to it; but there’s something they tend to
over look, and that’s: we didn’t start this street thug, gangster,
anti-social bullshit!  

Just read The Gangs of New York (book) so get a surface look.

But shit goes way back to the fucking Vandals, the Visigoths, the fucking Vikings, hell,  it goes back to the damn Neanderthal gang-bangers jacking each other for Wooly mammoth meat!  

They gave the world marauders, bandits, and street gangs!  They
invented the drive-by, hell before they had cars they were doing
ride-bys on the backs of horses, they were doing float-bys on Longboats!

So, I’m glad the world and history is re-balancing, and this Slim Jesus
character is a pioneer, he’s a fucking historian, he’s a cultural
revivalist for his people!  Thanks you Slim Jesus, hell I’ll even give
you a pass on using the Coon Props.

So, stop dissing this dude
yall, and stop appropriating White Culture, our own culture is deep and
vast enough to draw from, we don’t need to tap into the Western Well.

N.W.A and all the rest are just pale…, I mean, they are just dark imitations of the real Gangsters of America and the world.  

Sorry RBG Gangstas, and Thug Life enthusiast, but yall all up in White folks shit, that ain’t us.  

Give them their shit back and reclaim your own.