Street Culture Evolved from the Slave Quarters.

Sorry to inform yall; there’s no such thing as Street Culture, that’s really just a modern version of Slave Culture. That hustle, grind, petty crime, “attack you own, but leave Massa alone,” mentality is not even a Culture at all, it’s a Sub-culture created by the dominate White Culture to keep the Slaves occupied and content with their substandard conditions.

Also, just as the Massa profited from the Plantation Culture, or more specifically, the Slave Quarters Culture (because the Save Quarters on the grounds the Plantations were the first Black Hoods/Ghettos in America), that culture profited the Massa and kept the Slaves in perpetual poverty, except for a few House Slaves that also learned to profit from the exploitation of their own; (the same sick systems grip poor Black communities today)….so all this shit is connected, and the Real Gangstas still got many of us fucked up.