Passive Citizens of the Empire

It amazes me how almost the entire US population can go passively about their lives living in a nation that has committed, is committing, and is funding Genocide from Africa, to Asia, to South America, to the Black and Native Communities within its own borders; while driving all of the world’s ecosystems to total and permanent collapse.

Even if you don’t give a fuck about no one but your family, or if you only give a fuck about yo-self and not another living being on this planet, you should be alarmed if not up in arms.

Don’t yall know that all Empires bring home the atrocities they commit abroad. From martial law, to mass incarceration, to militarized police killing citizens in cold blood in the streets, everything that’s done to the people (who don’t matter) in the (so-called) 3rd World will eventually be done to you and your family. Every thing atrocity those heathen, pagan, god-less, and Muslim folks who don’t speak ‘American’ suffer, you will suffer to. Every thing that is being imposed on People of (rich, deep, and varied) Color will be imposed on the People of No-Color.

Even if you have the money, or the proximity to the Imperial Elite to avoid the Fascist Police, or the oppression the Elite have in store for the Useless Eaters you still fucked because the atmosphere and the industrial pollutants will not recognize your bank account, your zip-code, or the gates surrounding your McMansions. The toxins will penetrate your affluent areas as easily as they penetrate your skin and organ tissues. Climate change and instability will not only flood, desiccate, burn, or deep freeze the poor nations and the Hood. Contaminated lands will not grow food for yall, and acidic oceans will not produce fish for you because you throw Fiat currency at it.

At this point, even the masses of White folks and their New Negros should see the necessity of opposing the Systems and Institutions of White Domination and Industrial Capitalism; but not even we who dwell at the bottom are even angry or rising up. We still fearing poor Black men, and complaining that poor Black mothers are draining all the tax revenues. SMH

It truly amazes me how goddamn, muthafucking stupid people can be, even though it shouldn’t.

From the Class Rooms to Global Media, trillions of dollars are invested in keeping those in a position to act stupid, and those with the desire to act isolated and discredited.

Oh, and over 80% of these idiots believe that there will be a Divine Rapture for their pork-eating, mass consuming, patriotic asses! That some angel or godly force is gonna save their ass; not the Sister who was raped and then murdered in the Congo, not the child working in the Sweat Shop in China, not the man enslaved on a plantation in South America….but Gods gonna save their red-blooded American asses when the shit starts to collapse all around them. SMMuthafuckinH.

You American Citizenship Status ain’t gon mean shit, and will not protect you when the White Elite finally pull the economic and ecological rug out from under this rotting Empire.

Wake up and Revolt, Right Fucking Now!
(In any and every way you deem appropriate.)