So glad you called out the “meninism” “straight pride”, “redpill” “mgtow” bullshit that black men have for some reason been buying into. Most of them don’t even realize these ideologies come from chauvinistic, racist and mentally not there white people. Some black folk don’t even care. The common black person loves to mimic white pathology and that shit is troubling.

Yeah you said it.  But I don’t think it’s the “common Black person.”  It’s just that these types are the most vocal and visible, which make them seem greater in number than they actually are. 

The White majority has a significant numbers of its people trending towards (Christian) Fascism; so it’s only natural that a segment of the Black community will follow them there. 

No matter where our oppressors go, there’s always a segment of Blacks who will follow them.  We have Black Mormons, Black Promise Keepers, Black Scientologist, Black Anarcho-Capitalist; so we can’t be surprised that we have Black Fascist, or even Black Neo-Nazis.  Yes, we’ve even had/have Black Neo-Nazis, look up Jackie Arklov.

Any BS Ideology and Movement Whites construct, we can rest assured that there will be Blacks who will follow along, even if they are not welcomed.  It’s the Integrationist Mentality, even some Blacks who swear they hate Whites still seek Integration with their Power and Status.

The bigger issue I have with these Black Puritans is that many of them swear they are African-Centered, that they are even anti-White, or anti-White Domination, and that the solutions to our oppression under White Domination is to impose many of the toxic, sexist, and repressive standards and values on our own people that our oppressors have imposed on us for decades.

We have to remain vocal and open in our opposition to Black Puritanism, Black Fascist, Black Sexist, or whatever you want to call them; we can’t remain silent just because they claim to oppose the same Racism we oppose, or because they claim to be down with the same cause (African Liberation, Black Unity, etc) that we embrace. 

We don’t demand uniformity in our struggle, but we also can’t tolerate toxic ideologies or dehumanizing treatment of our community by other community members; not even if it’s for the sake of the “greater struggle,” cuz it isn’t anyway.