My Brother’s Keeper or My Oppressor’s Servant?

Listen to me; when a very intelligent man, who’s highly educated, and well connected, a man who’s had access to the most top secret information in the world for the last 7 years starts a NfP to help Black youth address violence and the “school to prison pipeline”…

…and the NfP starts by focusing on Black Youth the youth, instead of focusing on those who Set Up, Perpetuate, and Profits from this genocidal, Racist policy; you know it’s a fucking trick, it’s a trap!

That intelligent, educated, connected, man with access to top secret info is not trying to bring peace and progress to Black male youth, they are working to bring pacification and subjugation.

Note: If he was really down he’d order his Justice Department to open investigation into Criminal Justice Policy dating back the the Nixon Administration, he’d cut all federal contracts for private prisons, he’s give a Presidential pardon to all non-violent offenders and political prisoners, he’d publicly advocate to the revocation of the corporate charter of all private prison corporations and their affiliates, he’d instruct his Justice Department to end it’s enforcement of Drug Prohibition Laws and shunt all of that funding to treatment and education, he’d advocate for the legalization of weed and a decriminalization of addiction and “hard drugs,” he’d appoint an independent investigator to look into the CIA’s drug trafficking (Dark Alliance).

There’s all kinda shit this man could do with within his own power, without Congress or the Supreme Court.

Also, if he did this shit publicly he wouldn’t be harmed because to harm him after the ball was rolling would give even greater legitimacy to his cause. The Shadow Government ain’t that stupid, they’d try to derail him, to subvert his efforts, even frame him up, but their options would be limited; just look at John Pilger, John Perkins; and many other folks who went public with shit and are still here. They will get you before you go off, but once the cat is outta the bag, they have to use “alternative means.”

Didn’t mean to got all into that but one of my teachers suggested that I write a letter to Obama (no lie) and offer him some policy suggestions, since I gotta MA in that shit; but naw, you can copy and past my suggestion, but keep my name off of it. LOL!

In conclusion: You call me cynical, a hater, or accuse me of dividing Black people, but yall gon see.

Anotha Note: I was gonna post this in a feed about Obama bringing rappers to the White House to advise him on Black issues (which is like consulting cancer victims on how to cure cancer, when they have no other qualifications beyond contracting cancer); but that feed was captured by Obamites, people who embrace or excuse Imperialism when it comes in Black face. I’m sure they’ll be here soon talking that same bullshit, but at least I got a head start on em. LOL!)


One Mo Note: Look up the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Clinton Foundation and it will give you an idea of what’s in store from BHO’s NfP and charatable effort post-White House.