I read one of your recent posts in which you typed, “and those who seek to join OR REPLACE Global White Domination WITH THEIR OWN FORM of World Domination are our enemies.” So are you against the likes of Sara Suten Seti, Farrakhan and Khalid Muhammad? They advocate for global black domination or supremacy.

Dr. Khalid Muhammad only advocated for African Power and African Control over African Lives, African Lands, and African Resources.  I have not seen, heard, or read where he or any other Black Revolutionist or Pan-Africanist ever advocated that we invade Europe, Asia, or any other lands we don’t justly occupy and oppress and exterminate its native inhabitants. 

Not even the most Militant Africans have attempted or advocated such actions.  Those behaviors are unique to Europeans, Arabs, and their Asian imitators like the Japanese, in modern history.  Any Black person who supported that we replicate what Whites have done in and to the world would not only be ousted from the Black community, they would be at the lunatic fringes of any other Black Nationalist movements.  We ain’t them, they are not our teachers nor an example for us to follow.

As far as the Minister, it seems he’s moved towards Liberalism and Integration, he’s teaching more about self-improvement than attacking White Devils in this era.

As far as General Seti, and the Black Power Cartel, I don’t see them seeking to behave as our Oppressors, but speaking in opposition to direct enemies, but I must also admit that I have not studied the BPC and their agenda.  You’d have to contact Seti for specifics.