what can blacks learn from countries such as norway and denmark? what policies can we adapt to build up developing black nations?

The Social Democracies of Western Europe can’t really teach African shit that African don’t already know.  They can teach us that White Liberals is as willing to sustain and advance the Systems and Institutions of Global White Domination as White Conservatives are.

These homogeneous White utopias have a very toxic underbelly. Their wealth came from doing business with and providing services for the Imperialist nations in Europe; their wealth is as bloody as the wealth of England, Germany, France.  Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Iceland are allies of the Enemies of Africa and will do all they can to sustain the Global Economic Status Quo which is the wealth of the Global South is stolen and invested in the Global North.

Also, as soon as their ill-gotten wealth drys up, so does their liberalism, their cosmopolitanism, their progressiveism; they revert to Overt Racism and Hyper-Aggression just like all other White nations when they are cut off from or they squander their stolen wealth.

Hell, they don’t even have to wait for the loot to run out, all of these Progressive Western Social Democracy have strong White Nationalist and Nazi Parties active among the citizens.

Just look up groups like the Patriotic People’s Movement, or the Nordic Resistance Movement.

Africans should study these nations, but from an oppositional point of view, not as models for Africa; African started both civilization and socialism; so we have within us the model on how to construct and operate a Socialist State, we don’t need a European Mockery of African Socialism.

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