On the Feminist Movement and Black Feminist Sects.

It’s clear: the Black Feminist are more interested in Black men bowing to Feminism than they are in opposing Sexism, because if you fight Sexism, Black Feminist will still attack you if you don’t do so under the Umbrella of Feminism, or if you attempt to expose Feminism as another Integrationist movement within the larger System of White Domination, and not a movement that seeks to subvert White Domination.

Feminism simply seeks a better positions within the corrupt Power System for White Women, they mobilize Women of Color to give legitimacy to their gripes and struggle, but whenever White women come to power they leave these Women of Color in the dust, but instead of abandoning Feminism, these played Women of Color scramble to create their own, small, and ignored sect of Feminism within the larger Feminist movement.

This Black Feminist Sect is then forced to make distinctions between “their Feminism” and the Feminism of Hilliary Clinton, Janet Reno, the Female CEOs, Female Senators, and other Wealthy and Influential White Feminist; these White Women are the Real Feminist, the primary and usually sole benefactors of the Feminist Movement.

Just talk to any Black Feminist and watch her do ideological gymnastics to distinguish themselves from the Mainstream White Feminist, they lie and say our Powerful Black Heroes like Harriet Tubman, Ida B. Wells, or Fannie Lou Hamer were Feminist, they try to paint the Black man as being benefactors of White Male Privilege or somehow connect us to the Patriarchal component of the Systems of White Domination; even as we rot in jail cells, in abject poverty, suffer from an epidemic of violence and homicides. As Black men lose ground on all fronts the Black feminist want to prop us up as being Powerful Oppressors, they want to pretend that they stand alone in oppression and that Black men stand with the institutions of Power.

Then the Black Feminist fail don’t recognize White Female Privilege and Power within the Systems of White Domination. They really believe that White women will put their gender before their Race/Nationality, and join them in opposition to Patriarchy. No matter how many times they are left in the dust by White Feminist, they will fight for solidarity with her and reject solidarity with Black men, even we who oppose and speak out and fight against Sexism and Oppression. It’s really sad.

The Black Feminist also thrive on Fallacies like; if you don’t support Feminism, then you support rape and abuse of women. Or, that Black men Cat-Calling, or committing Street-Harassment is evidence of our power and male privilege; as other men express their privilege through conquest of nations and control of global and regional economies, we are put on the same shelf when we commit the crimes of domestic violence or rape; they ignore the fact that if you can be arrested and incarcerated for something, then it’s not your privilege. That’s why George Bush and all the other Neo-Cons are not in jail, neither are the Capitalist who collapsed the global economy; that’s privilege, not rape, that’s a criminal offense, and they are not the same. Those with Privilege rape entire nations and ecosystems and are still respected members of society and power structure!

The Black Feminist have to morph crimes, even despicable crimes that most men oppose (into privileges), they have to morph them into Black Male Privileges because if they didn’t they wouldn’t be able to prop up the fallacy of Black Male Privilege.

If one simply started following Black Misogynist like Tommy Sotomayor and his ilk, you’d find that he employs the exact same tactics as the Black Feminist; he takes a Black female criminal, or one who is mentally ill, or one who games the System for personal benefit, and fallaciously extents that to be evidence of Female Power, or Black Woman’s Privilege and Preference of the Black Man. Black Feminist pretend to be bitter enemies of New Negros like Sotomayor, but they are opposite sides of the same coin. I’m happy that the larger community is rejecting both; the Black Misogynist and the Black Feminist.

Black Feminist have been losing ground since their peak of popularity in the 70s. Black women got hip after seeing all these opportunities and resources “trickle down” to White Women, then seeing those White Women funneled those resources right back into the White community without ever touching the masses of Black women. Then these same former White Female Radicals of the 60s, who became Feminist in the 70s, joined the Reagan Revolution in the 80s, and most Black women got hip but, but sadly not all of them.

Some Black women wised up, exited the Feminist movement and forged their own movements for empowerment and to address the grievances that were unique to Black women, they abandoned the Integrationism of Feminism for true Liberation struggles. Some of them became Africana Womanist, or simply Pan-Africanist who struggled for the full empowerment and recognition of Women within Pan-Africanist or Black Nationalist formations. These sisters are attacked and mocked by the Feminist who refuse to abandon a movement that has several times over proven not have the Liberation of Black women as its goal.

I’m sorry for such a long post, but we have to keep vocal about our opposition to Feminism and all other Integrationist Movements that seek to exploit the just demands and efforts of our community.