What are your thoughts on science in general? If science is such a good thing then why has it been involved in the creation of nukes, bio weapons, machine guns, and an internet and entertainment industry full of dehumanization of non-whites?


Science, or more specifically the Scientific Method is a tried and proven means of developing, testing, and answering questions and inquiries.  That’s all.

There is no rational person who would attribute any inherent goodness or evil to science.  Science is a method, science incorporates tools, instruments, and talents; but does not bestow or mandate any morality righteousness upon the scientist or scientific action.  

Also, science is not neutral, which is also a popular myth.  Science is deeply tied to culture, economics, and politics.  Culture directs science, it greatly influence what scientific explorations a people will engage in.  Economics, not just money, but the resources and systems of the economics, dictate they type of science a people will develop and excel in.  A coastal people will be engaged in nautical science, a people who are in a resource poor region will invest in military and weapons science, and so on.  Politics dictates how science will be deployed and disseminated.  Repressive nations limit people’s access to scientific instruments and knowledge.  Other nations allow the people the full benefits of scientific advancements, but the people are still ignorant of science in general.  Some nations promote and cultivate scientific understanding of the masses. So politics can expand or contract science, how societies use sciences, and the people’s understanding of science.  

The reason that science has lead to so much fucked up shit, like you listed is because the world is under a Hegemonic system of Global White Domination, and the politics of the world are fucked up, the economics of the world are fucked up, the cultures of the world are contaminated by the Omnicidal Western Culture, and therefore the science of the world is fucked up.   

Even when science give us good shit like the internet, when it mixes with the politics and economics of the society it gets all fucked up.  When science leads to treatments they mix in toxic substances for no other reason than to make the treatments more profitable, or they put a restrictive price on those treatments, or some other bullshit.

So it ain’t just the ecocidal and genocidal science like nukes and bio weapons that fucked up; the good shit is too.  

The solution is not to shun, ban, or demonize science; the solution is to dismantle the Systems and Institutions that take human ingenuity and creativity and use them to sustain and advance or sustain Global White Domination  and Capitalism.  

Science can help the oppressed overcome oppression, and science can be used by the oppressors to further entrance their rule; just like guns, media (propaganda), and the arts.  It’s all about who’s most organized and committed to their larger cause; and at this point in human history, the oppressors are more committed to oppression than liberators are to liberation; but we can’t blame science for that…..or can we?  NO, no, we can’t be we can point to those who utilize the scientific methods and instruments to oppress others.