Economic Class vs. Racial Caste:

It is really stupid that so many Black people are being tricked into a class conflict between “Good Blacks Who Know How To Act” vs. “No Good Niggas (With They Fingahs on the Triggas).”

It’s stupid because there is no real class division among Black people because our oppression is based on Race, and we are all subject to oppression from the same Systems and Institutions, which don’t distinguish between us based on class, they will string up an “Uppity Ni&&er,” as quick as they would lynch a “Coon,” or “No Account Ni&&er.”

Educated Blacks have never had higher standing within the Systems of White Domination than the poor masses of Blacks. The Black Elite mistake their greater access to Whites, the higher level of trust Whites show them (as a result of their loyalty to the Massa), and the greater amount of reward they receive for their higher level services to the Plantation/Empire, as having greater standing, but it isn’t, it wasn’t back then and it for sure ain’t now.

There is no hierarchy among slaves or the oppressed, just a division of labor and a graded reward/pay-scale, but raising up the reward/pay-scale doesn’t grant you any power to control or direct the Plantation/Empire.

We are under Racial-Caste oppression, not class oppression which means our status is determined by birth, by genetics, not by how much money we have or lack; so we cannot earn or educate ourselves up outta this predicament. Our only options are to create a fully independent African Power Structure, to dismantle the Systems and Institutions of Global White Domination, or be satisfied with the positions and rewards they grant us until they see fit to complete their genocide against us.

The Irish, the Zionist, the Slavic people’s were under class, and even ethnic oppression but they have pulled themselves up to become full participants in the Systems of Global White Domination. The Irish were once considered “lower than Ni&&ers,” in the US but they carved out a niche and are now members of the White Club, so are the Zionist, and the White Catholics.

Whites have class divisions among themselves, and various White nationalities have moved up and down the scale of dominance within the overall Systems of Global White Domination. When any particular White Nation rises up they always prove to be just as anti-African and warlike as the fallen White Power. Just look at how America behaved when it took over after the fall of the British Empire. Just look at how the Zionist acted once the Nazis fell.

Oppressed Whites have never embraced oppressed non-Whites when they were granted a seat at the White Domination table, yet we’ve always have tried to relate to and unite with oppressed White Nationalities and Ethnicities, without exception.

There is no Black/African seat at the table of White Domination, only opportunities to serve those who actually have a seat at that table. Now that Asia has erected an Asian Regional power base, Negros now have the option of serving Asian Regional Power or White Global Power, but there is no African Regional, Continental, or Global power base.

The reason we lack a power base is because our so-called Black Elite are too content to serve non-African power and too eager to attack the Black masses and blame us for the problems of the race instead of appreciating us as the work and fighting forces for Pan-African Continental Power.

Just imagine if, instead of going on White Media to attack poor, ignorant Black children, Bill Cosby put his millions towards African Decolonization, or started financing Claud Anderson’s Powernomics projects. Just imagine if, instead of opening that 10million dollar den of child sexual abuse in South African, Oprah handed that money over to Pan-African Scholars and allowed them to set up education institutions, or if she opened up a shoe factory in South Chicago and teamed up with all these Black athletes to displace Nike. The Black Elite could stop dissing us in the media and transform our communities with their throw away money, but they don’t. (I won’t bother explaining why, it’ll take me too far off my point, just know that poor Black ain’t and have never been the problem for the Black community.)

So, if you got yoself a gud education, a gud job, and gud standing within this System, don’t think it makes you better than those Blacks who don’t. Don’t attack other Africans who have not fared as well as you under the boot of White Domination. Don’t attack those who express their pain, or manifest their indoctrination in ways that are more obvious and less sophisticated than you.

All of the Black Elite and Black Middle-Class are one misstep away from joining us in the Ghettos of America, trust me.

Stop playing the Class game, stop attacking Black people who pop up in the White media for absurd crimes, stop feeling embarrassed when other Blacks degrade themselves in the media, understand that it’s all a product of White Oppression, all of it, and we are not the cause, but we must be the solution.

To solve our problems we have to attack the root, the very core of the disease, not focus on the symptoms. You can’t end oppression by focusing on the Products of Oppression you must attack the Sources of Oppression.

Whites have always imposed depraved conditions on those they oppress and then turn around and highlight the depraved behavior of those they drove to depravity as evidence of their own superiority and justification of their oppression. Why the hell are we still falling for this? We have not constructed any Ghettos, we don’t own the airways that push degenerate culture, we have not created these degenerate entertainers and politicians; they were chosen by Whites and imposed on our committees.

Note: We do need analysis and understanding of our people, conditions, and various responses to oppression, but we don’t need this constant attack and belittlement of poor and insane Black people. Save the mocking for the Negro Elite, they are the real reason we fail to advance collectively, not the poor masses.