Apparently Muhammad Ali’s “IQ” is 78, which according to the measurement makes him barely above retarded. But, he was an articulate and charismatic man. He was also clearly a wise man who fought for social justice and stood up for oppressed people. I think IQ is a load of bullshit.

Yes, IQ is some Racist, Eugenicist, White bullshit.  

I wasted a week or two of my life reading “The Bell Curve,” and even in that text they had to admit that IQ test were bullshit.  They pointed out that Jews in Nazi Germany routinely scored low on IQ Test, but in the US they routinely score high.  

It’s like Mr. Gump said; “stupid is as stupid does,” and if you gotta high IQ but you out here creating technology or industries then you is a stupid muthafucka according to how I measure and rank intelligence.