Greetings brother Diallo. I want to transition to vegan diet. I know you post about going vegan. Do you think you could incorporate more visual posts onto your blog here. I’ve seen your instagram and some of the pics there. I’m looking for a starting point as far as going vegan. What’s a typical breakfast for you?

I usually have a glass of water followed by a green tea in the mornings, I just don’t like eating early; but if I must have a breakfast, I like Creamy Wheat, Oat Meal, and shit like that; It’s my Midwestern upbringing I guess.  My wife like to make big brunches on the weekends though, then I throw down, but not before 10am.

I’m not really big on posting photos of my meals, figure that market is cornered, but if it will help another Brother or Sister embrace the Vegan diet I’m down.  I’ll start posting more food items and meals on my Instagram from here forward.  I don’t really know how to get the images on Tumblr from my phone, but I’ll try that too. 

Welcome to Veganism! The animals thank you, as do I.