George Zimmerman vs. DMX vs. The Pacification of the Black Community.

The Zimmerman verdict and current celebrity fight announcement would have provoked…

-an unbreakable economic boycott if it happened in the 1950’s.
-nationwide urban riots (uprisings) in the 1960’s.
-public condemnation from Black athletes/celebs/leaders in the 1970’s.
-an emotional discussion on the Oprah Winfrey Show in the 1980’s.
-empty threats from gangsters rappers in the 1990’s.
-emptier calls for protest from defunct Civil Rights Orgs in the 2000’s.
-and now, in the 2010’s, we get an online/social media petition.

The pacification process is so damn thorough, it makes us feel more connected as it separates us. It make us feel more empowered as it further oppresses us. It make us feel more secure as the economy/ecology collapses. It has us responding less effectively to such atrocities than we did half a fucking century ago!!

I’m not with symbolic, empty, transient, and reactionary efforts. If we fail, even “If We Must Die,” I’m going out striving for liberation, and engaging in the real work.

End the cycle of pacification and get back to the Liberation Struggle.