They Kill Us Only to Become US…

I really hate using generalities, not because they are not effective, but because people who oppose the larger statement or issue you are trying to illustrate will take the generality and pretend that you being literal or specific, or even absolute; instead of using a generality to illustrate a larger issue or trend.

So I confess, what I’m about to assert is a broad generality, but that dosen’t make it false or inaccurate. So, here we go…

For so long, Western Culture has invaded, disrupted, colonized, and enslaved other cultures. In order to accomplish this they had to divorce the “natives” from their culture, their mores, their lands; they did this to create an artificial dependency on the colonizers and their systems and institutions.

The West divorced the natives from their culture by degrading their cultures; they told the natives that their Gods were really devils, their religions were evil, that their practices were primitive or underdeveloped, that their cultures were sinful or savage, that their skin colors/features/hair textures was a curse, that their systems too masculine or too effeminate. They basically convinced the natives that everything they did and that they were was wrong.

They didn’t convince us though words, or by showing our ancestors a better example of Civilization and Social Relations; they convinced us through overwhelming violence and trauma; through unyielding atrocities, through mass killings, starvation, enslavement, and rape.

They would insist that we call the names of their gods or have our tongues cut out.
They would insist the we use their currency and accept private land ownership or have our hands cut off.
They would insist that we break our generations old customs and communal bonds or have our children raped and murdered in front of us.
There is not one population the Western Cultures encountered that they didn’t carry out, or attempt to carry out these atrocities against, not one.
(Note: The atrocities would occur even when our ancestors capitulated.)

So our ancestors became “Civilized” through these processes; and by Civilized I mean accepting Western Domination and adopting Western Ways-of-Being.

Now, most of us see the Western Way of Being as preferable; they resent those of us to attempt to return to the ways of our ancestors, they mock us. They think the only way to progress is to better Integrate into the Systems and Institutions founded on our past and ongoing Oppression, Enslavement, and Genocide.

We don’t even want to carry the genetic legacy of African so we attack our hair texture and skin pigment with chemicals. We mock our ancestral religions and gods; we call those Africans who hold to the traditional gods “devil worshipers” as we pray to the Gods of our oppressors, we resent the title of “African,” even when it’s stupidly married to “-American.”

So many of us have fully embraced our divorce from our roots, our ways, our Africanity that started with the first Arab and European invasion centuries ago. Some New Negros even go so far as to praise the past atrocities our ancestry went though because it bought them to America, the land they love, and brought them to Jesus/Allah, the Gods they love.

So, what do the Western Cultures do after spending centuries divorcing the native and “primitive” people’s of the world from their cultures?
What do they do after imposing their Omnicidal Culture on the whole damn planet?
Do they just trod on, hand and hand with the New Negros into the man-made Armageddon that Western Culture is leading the world to?


The Western Culture is now adopting the ways of the “primitive natives!”

They are now grafting our ancestor’s practices on to their lives and into their communities as we still struggle to rise up within their toxic cultures and economies!!!

Whites are “returning to Nature,” abandoning Western Religions and Religious Dogma, building up the Intentional Community movement, engaging in the ritual Body modifications that they called our ancestors savage for.

As Black women forgo motherhood, and community nurturing to nurture and raise up Corporate Profits; White women are setting up multigenerational homes, cultivating the skills we failed to carry forward from our Great-great grandmothers; just Google quilting, canning, foraging, midwifery, or any other the other shit our ancestors used to do but we’ve abandoned and you’ll see White resurrecting these practices.

Look up White people organizing around the Commons, it’s just a bastardization of African Communalism. Look at the Cooperative movement, it’s noting more than tribal economics, look at their moves toward “Holistic Healing,” that’s just Bush Medicine….the fucking list goes on!

They are embracing both the skills that helped us survive and create community under slavery and oppression, and the cultural practices that sustained us for thousands of generations prior to Western Invasions of the Original People’s lands.

So, as I debate with Black people or hear them talk bullshit about achievement and success only in the terms and context of Western Culture and Economy, it makes me even more upset to see that not even Whites are boosting that bullshit. Soon, Western Nations and Communities will be govern by the codes and practices they stole from our ancestors, while Africa and Black committees will still be engaged in the toxic culture and dog-eat-dog economics imposed on us by Whites.

Please wake up African People, stop letting everyone profit and prosper from our lands, cultures, and brilliance but us!