“I Don’t Create Revolutionaries, Conditions Do.” – H. Rap Brown

H. Rap Brown once made that observation that organizations like The Black Panther Party, and Revolutionaries like himself did not create other Revolutionaries.

He argued that the Government and Reactionary groups were wrong for blaming Black Militant organizations and individuals for riots, uprising, or the hostile attitude that Black youth had towards ‘The Man,’ and ‘The Establishment.’

Brown articulated that the elite are the ones who create Revolutionaries, that the conditions that the elite impose on poor Blacks is what drives them to rebellion. He stated that the oppressive forces are the source of militancy and resentment.

Brown understood that it was his role to organized the ‘Radicalized’ youth, but he had little power to actually create a radical.

My experience has reinforced Brown’s conclusions.

The tragedy is that ‘The Man,’ and ‘The Establishment’ also took him at his word, and began to transform their Systems and Methods of Oppression in such a way that the Oppressed no longer see the true source of their Oppression. ‘The Man’ is so damn slick, he’s set himself up as the source of freedom and safety, and turned our people into the source of oppression.

So we are no longer creating youth are want to fight ‘The Establishment,’ and love their own. We are grooming youth who love ‘The Establishment’ and hate/fight/kill their own.

Note: Just as the System creates Revolutionaries by creating depraved conditions, the Community uncreates them because Revolutionaries are too often under- or unsupported.