What do you feel is the best way to authentic identity for the African: tribe, color, or Nationality?

Garvey said “Race First.”

I say “ideology is all.” 

For me the most important thing about an individual is their ideology, then how they act according to their ideology.  Even those who lack any expressed ideology are acting according to someone’s, or some other Race’s ideology.

Africans need Pan-Africanism, we need an ideology of opposition to White Domination and Omnicide, we need an ideology or unrelenting resistance, an ideology that drives us to subvert the Systems and Infrastructures of Oppression, an ideology that will guide us to build a world akin to the humane and sustainable societies of our ancestors; the world that was contaminated and eventually disrupted by the Euro/Arab onslaught.

Pan-Africanism allows for Tribes, Color (variations), and even distinct Nations; as long as they existence to serve; to Liberate and Unite African people.

Our internal diversity was an asset, Africa was a vast land that allowed for, and even required wide variations in ways of being.  Africans were not in opposition to, or threatened by difference, most cultures were Xenophilic (accepting of strangers), not Xenophobic. 

Our (eternal bitter) enemies exploited this African cultural characteristic, and still do today.  We must strategically adjust our views and ways of relating others in order to destroy the Systems of Oppression, along with those people who have imposed themselves and their toxic, Omnicidal ways on the rest of humanity.

We don’t have to abandon our internal diversity in order to over come a monolithic enemy or World Order, we must simply coordinate and direct our internal diversity towards Revolutionary Pan-Africanism.

Once we bring balance back to African and the world, we can again fully relish in our vast diversity.

So, Race First, Ideology Second, and Method Third.
Or, African, Pan-Africanist, Revolutionary.