Right wing extremists in Europe (particularly Germany) claim that the mass influx of immigrants from Middle East and Africa spells the doom of Europe, and cultural genocide of white Europeans. Is there any truth to that?! God I hope so! ? At any rate, will it mean Europe will no longer be a bastion of white supremacy? If so, maybe European society will truly become multicultural and egalitarian

No, the real doom of Europe is coming from the White European Elites; the biggest threat to the White masses has always been the White Elites, and it is the White Elites who orient and indoctrinate the White masses to believe that non-Whites are an existential threat to the White masses.  Also, the White Nationalist are cowards and bullies, so they prefer to target vulnerable and desperate immigrants then challenge their own Elites and the institutions of power that exploits them and their irrational fears.  

Also, it’s not just Right Wing Extremist who have these existential fears of the non-White hoards, this irrational fear saturates the entire White Race and culture.  Psychological Aggression plays a big role in this as well; White are hyper-aggressive to others and they project that hyper aggression on Races who have no ill-intent against the White Race beyond ending the White Race’s aggression and oppression of their own lands and people.  

European culture is Omnicidal, it has a “death urge” so it’s doomed no matter what happens, the only question is whether or not there will be a livable world left in the wake of the destruction of Western Culture.  In fact, there are movements of White people who actively organize to subvert and destroy Western Culture and Civilization (Deep Green Resistance), because they realize that Western Culture and Practices are the biggest threat to White People, to all people, to all living systems.  

As far as Immigration, I tell these White Nationalist who hoop and holler about immigrants that they can solve the “immigration problem” by restricting the import of resources from the lands you don’t want immigrants from.  These Racist muthafuckas wanna bring resources and wealth from all over the world, but don’t want the people from those lands to follow their resources.  That’s not how shit works. 

People ain’t flooding Europe cuz they just love Whitey, Europe (and the US, and all other White Nations) steals the wealth of the world, concentrates it in Europe (and other White Nations), and uses it’s military and intelligence agencies to subvert the governments and social stability of other (non-White) nations so that they can’t prevent the theft of their resourced by Europeans (and other White Nations).

If these assholes want an end to immigration, they need to put an end to European Imperialism and Neo-Colonization.  But, like I said, the White Racist are some punk-ass bullies who pick on the vulnerable, and ignore the powerful who truly exploit them.  

Final point, White Supremacy is not a place, it’s in the minds of people.  Europe is a bastion of White Supremacy; but not the throng, since the end of WWII the US took that crown.  If the US falls there are many other regions that are ready to replace it.

White Supremacy also infects the minds and cultures of many non-Whites from Obama to Arab Oligarchs, so it will take generations to fully purge this malignant ideology and its practices.  The fall of Europe will not automatically mean the fall of WS, unfortunately.  We who oppose WS have to have globalize our struggle, we can’t just focus on Europe, or the Right Wing; we need a Holistic and Revolutionary Global approach to liberation and healing.