Fuck the Boondocks!

The Boondocks is not sophisticated, it is not social commentary, it is not even an accurate portrait of the issues that plague the African community. It is crass stereotyping, with some superficial commentary thrown in to allow the “progressives” who enjoy that bullshit to justify their indulgence. Like those people who say they read Playboy for the articles.

I bet you would never see such a show about Jewish Stereotypes with one militant Zionist there to make the show “positive.”

The Racist White media learned that they could get away with continuing to show demeaning Black media if that had a Black person at the helm, because when they used White animators, or White actors in Black-face our ancestors would rebel, shit we got to the point where we’d riot behind that shit. After over 100 years of seeing ourselves as monkeys, coons, and sex-starved idiots in the White media, and hearing newscasters refer to us as ‘Niggers’ every evening, we decided to put an end to that shit. We organized and forced them to stop that shit or pay the price.

But in the 70s the the Racist Media observed that if they put Black faces on the screen they could portray us in the most despicable ways and we’d pay to see it.

They found that if they had Black directors and writers they could show us raping and killing our own damn children and we’d eat that shit up!

They know that if they use a Black animators they could use the word Nigger on prime-time television again and we fall out of our chairs laughing.

Fuck the Boondocks, you Boondocks fans are being Bamboozled and don’t even see it. I ain’t watching that shit.

If this was the 50s or 60s McGruder wouldn’t be able to walk in any Black community in the hood because the Panthers would roll on his ass if the other militants didn’t get him first. I know because they used to roll on other celebrity sell-outs for doing the White man’s dirty work back then.

In conclusion I’d like to repeat; “Fuck the Boondocks” and that the Huey character “is piece of candy embedded in a mound of shit,” so I can’t fuck wit him.

If you need some righteous insights about our conditions and behaviors read a real scholars, dammit!