Was Spartacus a prime example of white underclass rebellion within their culture and is the haitian revolution under Jean Jacques Dessalines a prime expamle of the oppressed rebellion against the foreign culture (White Oppressor) ?

You playing fast and lose with your comparisons.

You are correct that Spartacus was fighting against exploitation coming from members of his own culture and Race, while Dessalines was fighting oppression imposed by an Alien Culture and Race.

Kwame Ture states that exploitation (by your own Race/Culture) can be overcome through reforms, and even uprisings, the exploited don’t need to destroy the very culture, infrastructure, and society to secure freedom because they can use reforms to integrate or fight to elevate within their own society, systems and cultures.  The Irish, Jews, and other exploited Whites have done that within the US.

Ture also informs us that such an option is not available to people oppressed by Alien cultures and Races; they have to dismantle all of the systems and structures of their oppressors, or fully separate and erect barriers against their oppressors to secure freedom.  You can’t integrate into your oppressor’s systems, you can’t reform them in your favor. 

But my issue is the span of time we are dealing with, Spartacus was fucking around back in the BC era, and Dessaline was active in the late 1700s. So I would prefer to use more contemporary examples to make such an argument.

But if you held a Historical Gun to my head and forced me to answer, I say you were close to the bullseye.