SMH. The Jackson estate just sold MJ’s stake in Sony/Atv for 750 mil. Which means that shit is easily worth a good billion or more. And The Jackson estate is inherited by white kids Which means black wealth has gone directly into white hands. I will never understand why Michael refused to have biological kids.

Well, I’m sure the King of Pop would have wanted it that way.  MJ didn’t want to be Black, or perpetuate Black either.

MJ rejected Blackness, and only returned to being Black or acknowledging Black when he was in trouble.  I don’t play that “putting down, and picking up Blackness” when it serves you.

When the White folks, whom he loved so much that he mutilated his African features to look like them, turned on him he stared running with Al Sharpton, hired NOI security guards, and started speaking publicly about Racism; but as son as the heat was off he returned to his White Wonderland!

Cultural critic Del Jones has an entire chapter in his text ‘Culture Bandits Vol 1′ titled “Michael Jackson & the New World Order,” that goes into more detail about MJ’s self-rejection and anti-Black Actions.  

One of the most treasonous things MJ did was sell out our Brothers and Sisters in Ethiopia during the Famines of the 1980s.  MJ was not the mastermind behind the scam but he was the voice of the project, he could have shut that shit down, or made certain the funds got to our people who were starving. That ‘We Are the World’ Bullshit, which made money off of the suffering of Africans while lining the pockets of corrupt music industry produces.  

I know people don’t like to be to hard on MJ because we know the abuse and intensive exploitation he endured.  But victims (who are not treated or healed) often go on to be victimizers.  

I wouldn’t define MJs wealth as Black wealth even when it was in his hands.  He was not down for us, he was an integrationist, plain and simple.  MJ’s wealth as personal wealth, at best. 

So, we lost MJ long before he died, from a Pro-Black or Pan-African perspective.  But hey, if your can entertain the masses there is a lot the masses are willing to overlook.  

I was a fan of MJ in my childhood, but it got to the point where I just couldn’t over look his actions.