Boo! Of A Nation.


All these people here lamenting Boo! A Madea Halloween being the #1 movie in America while BOAN not reaching its expected earnings out the gate, these people really expect us to believe that if BOAN was #1 and Boo! flopped they woulda done something different than what they already doing.

Like they woulda took up arms against the Government, freed Mumia by force,  mended  relationships with their baby mamas, refused to watch any more pro-sports, pick up trash in the community, and stop setting stupid parameters and limits for what it means to be Black or Conscious; like they would have done all of this and more if the masses had simply made different consumer choices than they been making for the last half century or more.

I mean, no one is more frustrated by the level of stagnation and dysfunction in the movement and community than me, but I don’t think a movie, or a whole damn trilogy will speak to that one way or another.  Also, I want to focus on real, systematic solutions, not some magic pill of a movie to fix our shit.

The people outhere denouncing Boo! and mythologizing BOAN are as caught up in the media matrix and Propaganda machine as those who flock to see Boo!.

(Note: I ain’t saying not to critique Boo! We all love the Conscious Commentary, oh and yall who be deciphering the Illuminati signs, symbols, and messages in these movies are the most entertaining; but keep all that shit in proper perspectives, that’s all I’m asking.)

A movie ain’t gon make or break us, collectively; it’s more about the entire Propaganda Apparatus, which has sanctioned and is profiting from Boo! and BOAN, hell next year the Wayan Brothers gon make “Boo!Of A Nation” and yall Black Puritans heads will explode.  LOL!

Oh, and one more thing; you can reserve the multimedia room for free at your local library and show whatever progressive or positive movie you think needs more exposure, I’ve done it dozens of times, there are also many local businesses and venues owned by Black folks that would also love to host such showings provided you bring positive exposure to their businesses, I’ve done that many times as well.  We can get good movies seen while working to keep money outta Fox Media, Racist ass Hollywood establishment, and outta the pockets of New Negro Elites at the same time.  

So, please, can we stop with the griping and bickering about these two media products, we got real shit to work on……and bicker over.