I don’t like being a miserable racist sob, I’m mad at my dad for raising me this way. I’m too old to become a hipster Neo racist. A nice Black African couple suggested I live in Africa for a couple of years, to get away from all the racist influence that bombards Amerikka. It would be a good culture shock to get me out of that (dis)comfort zone, and I would see that a Black society is better than this white hell here. A race war is gonna break out. I’ve never wanted to hurt blacks,

First, that “Black African” couple was dead ass wrong, don’t go to Africa, you will learn nothing.  White people been invading African and colonizing Africa for centuries and ain’t learned shit, at least not shit about being humane and less racist anyway.

If you have some resources then hand them over to an organization that’s doing positive work.  Better yet, work among your own people who are opposing Capitalism, Imperlism, Ecocide, Sexism, etc.  There are many White radical Left and Progressive organizations and movements, you ain’t gotta look for a Black Savior, a Morgan Freeman type to save and humanize you, or enlighten you about the ways of the world; that shit is tired.

Second, I don’t know where you got the notion that “a Race War” is gonna break out,“ a fucking Race War has been going on for the last 1400 years!  Where the fuck you been? 

Oh, I get it, it ain’t a War until White folks do some dying too, OK.  Millions of dead, colonized, incarcerated, impoverished, bombed, raped, mutilated, starved Africans, Asians, and Aboriginals don’t count as a War.  The Cold War was not a World War, or a Hot War because Whites were using non-Whites to do the fighting, dying, and killing, but when less than a dozen White nations go to war it’s a fucking World War. SMH.

So, let’s review:

1. Don’t listen to Liberal "Black Africans,” they don’t have any wisdom to offer you.

2. Don’t go to Africa, for enlightenment, to see good culture, or for any other reason, feel free to pump some money and resources into the African Economy, but just do it through online shopping.

3. Find and work with some “Good Whites” who oppose the Systems and Institutions of Capitalism and Imperlism in your own area.

4. The Race War has been in effect for centuries, so stop listening to Alex Jones, and other White Nationalist who talk that “looming Race War,” and New World Order bullshit.  Get some Chomsky, John Pilger, Sunsara Taylor, John Perkins, Naomi Kline, Marx, and others of their ilk in ya life.  Expand beyond your basic White indoctrination W.R.I.T.