If she’s so educated she should have know that these brutes can be more savage towards Lettered Negros than they are towards Black Simps. She don’t know how many Uppity Negros were lynched. She wasn’t taught how well educated many of the Panthers were, that Kwame Ture was a Med Student, Huey studied law, and Bobby Seale studied engineering while in the Navy, but this society treated them all like they were common thugs, hell worse than common thugs because the Government never enacted CONTELPRO against petty thugs.

I know this woman knows how to “Yassa Boss,” she wouldn’t have a PhD or a gud job as a Professa if she didn’t; she just made the mistake of thinking she didn’t have to “Yassa Boss” to people below her pay grade.

Maybe this experience will win us another brain, and set of hands for the Pan-African Revolution…but I doubt it. Hell I hope it will at least provoke her to get that damn blonde streak outta her hair.

(Also, I’ll be expecting a formal apology from all of you who called me “anti-education” because I keep asserting that “education alone will not liberate us.” If your Ego requires you to, I will accept apologies via the inbox or IM.)

#EducationAintLiberation #TruthHurts