Strange Bedfellows: Anti-LGBTQ, Anti-Corporatism, & Veganism.

Yo, yo, yo!!!

Something just came to me.

All you macho, manly, anti-Gay Black Puritans, and Toxic Black Nationalist: yall gon boycott Jordans now? How about putting all of yall Jordans and Nike shit on the grill and burning them?

What up!?! Are yall really only down to do more than just attack (vulnerable) LGBTQs or are yall willing to adjust your spending and consumer taste to buck the Gay Conspiracy to turn us all Gay?

I know that millions of workers being exploited in the 3rd World isn’t enough to make yall swear off of Jordans, not is the violence provoked by selling shoes that cost about $15 or less to make but are sold for $100-$300 or more in the Hood, ain’t enough either. Nor are the underhanded and ecocidal practices of Nike Corp enough, but Jordan pandering to the LGBTQ community (to protect his own investment) should do it right?

So, someone call up Dr. Umar, Yada, or the Irritated Genie and tell them to get the Nike and Jordan boycott poppin!

Hurry up now!


Oh, and while yall at it, Jordan owns a major Steak House, so, if you still eating beef, or wearing Jordans, you Gay, or you are supporting the Gay Conspiracy!