“…Respect the Being of MOST Folks…”

I’m a pretty open person when it comes to accepting others.

You can’t really advocate for freedom and deny it to others at the same time.

This isn’t Liberalism, it just a sober realization that everyone who isn’t the same as me is not my enemy.

I have some ideas and principles that are pretty far-out in people’s opinions, so I know what it’s like have people reject you or even attack you based on what you believe or conclusions you’ve come to about life itself.

So I allow people their views, and I measure people by their actions…or inaction.

I’m cool with all kinds of folks, I can’t work with or organize with all kinds of folks, but I respect the Being of most folks, I really do. I’m not sure if that comes through on Social Media.

All that being said, there are certain muthafuckas I can’t fuck with solely based on what they believe or think.

Muthafuckas like…

-Sexist / Misogynist
-Parasitist (We needed this word so I made it up.)
-White Nationalist (falsely called, White Supremacist.)
-Actual Capitalist (not you clowns who’ve been tricked into thinking yall are capitalist or that capitalism works for yall; I can tolerate idiots for the most part.)

(A lot of these overlap so my ‘Fuck-Off List’ is actually shorter than this.)