Would you have been down for an armed Black takeover of some large piece piece of real estate in America for statehood for the benefit of all Blacks during the time that Malcolm X was calling for it, or would you be down for it now (theoretically)? How is it We have not managed this by this point?

Not really, cuz such a thing could be accomplished politically, economically, and culturally right now; so why resort to arms when simple coordination, planning, and organization will suffice?

I have no illusions that we’ll need arms to defend such a move when elements of the White establishment catch wind of our efforts and seek to subvert them; but again we can avoid armed conflict by reaching a state of MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) between ourselves and our enemies. That means the more organized we are the least likely anyone will pick a fight with or provoke us.  

We have accomplished this before, creating Black Economic Enclaves all over the US, but the toxic ideology of Integration, a long string of Integrationist leaders and movements, and many unaddressed cultural contaminations left those enclaves vulnerable from physical, economic, and political assaults, while preventing the rise of new more resilient enclaves.

We thought (and still think) we could achieve Economic Power & Independence while still praying to the same God our Oppressor imposed on us, we thought we could thrive in the same economic system that defined us a chattel, we thought we could endure without having strong bonds and cooperation with the African continent.  We thought, and we still think we can have freedom without liberation.

We don’t just need space and resources, we need Revolutionary spaces, mentalities, and agendas.  

We lose cuz we rarely really seek to win.