On Bill Cosby, Anti-Black Propaganda, and Media Warfare.

We don’t have enough sense to say; “Bill is a product of Western values and behavioral norms?”

We can’t point out that Bill has not only reject African cultural
standards, but he long abandoned the values of the Black community in
the US, and he spent decades encouraging the rest of the Black community
to follow him into full integration into the American way of being and
relating to the world?

If we had any rational sense, any established political tactics, and media savvy we could flip this shit “America’s Rapist” back on the US, sexist, patriarchal, White, Rape culture.

We could profess to the world that if Bill remained rooted in African
culture, and the stood with the Black community instead of attacking and
rejecting the Black community, our slang, our culture, our outlook he
would have never engaged in devaluation of women, and the
objectification of women, and the exploitation of women; cuz that’s how
White men, how Western Culture gets down; that’s how Black people who
integrate and accept Western Culture get down; that’s not how people
rooted in African culture get down. Who the fuck you think invented and
mass produces the Date rape drugs?

If we had any fucking level of
insight into how to fight a propaganda and media war, instead of always
fucking crying about what others say about us in their media, we
wouldn’t have to worry about what people did or didn’t say in the media.

We begged the White media for “positive images” of Black people, and
they employed Pill Cosby to show us to ourselves, they built him up, he
tears us down, then they tear him down; and we haven’t learned shit
about how media, propaganda, and indoctrination works in all this
process. We haven’t learn in the last fucking 100 years how to engage in
Media War, let alone Economic, Political, and Military Warfare against
our oppressors.

We listen to Leaders who guide us towards
Salvation, instead of Leaders who attempted to guide us towards
practical, systematic, and achievable Liberation.

I’m so glad this Cosby shit is playing out the way it is because it’s bringing a lot of you ‪#‎NewNegros‬
who hide behind African names, and Pan-African rhetoric out of the wood
work; just like Obama brought you Integrationist who front like yall
want Black Liberation to the surface. I’m watching and taking notes, I’m
not forgetting who stood where.

For all you who think this Cosby
shit is a mere distraction, yall need to sit your asses down and so
some more study. You are not intellectually equip to understand the
struggle, you don’t understand the nature of the struggle and how things
are connected to and integrated within the struggle. You don’t
understand the nature of our Oppression and how it functions. So shut
up, sit down, and increase your understanding as you decrease your level
of Reactionary impulses and outburst. Think!