Political Pimps & Hoez.

All you ‪#‎NewNegros‬ and Obamites doing the Holy Ghost Dance and Irish jig all through the Hood behind Obama’s Presidential Commutations need to wake the fuck up already.

First of all, a Commutation is not a Presidential pardon
which means the 40 or so people he have the Commutations to will still
be convicted felons, and we all knows what the means when the hit the
streets after being given cruel and unusual punishments.  He could have
at least pardoned them!

Also, Obama is
way behind Bill Clinton in releasing people from jail; hell he’s behind
the Racist conservatives Reagan, Bush, and Bush 2.0; who all released
way more prisoners from jail using their executive authority than Obama,
who’s the lowest on the list to grant pardons than most recent POTUS.  
Look of the numbers, they are easy as shit to find, take a moment from
watching photos of his lovely family  and actually look at Obama’s
policies and agendas for once.

I’m not even gonna try explain the Deep Politics behinds Obama recent
“move to the Left,” of the political spectrum, how it ties into the TPP
and his efforts to get Hilliary elected in 2016.  Obamites could care
less about politics; and New Negros are just as regressive and
pro-Empire as Obama, so what’s the point.

I just wish yall would
up yall Political Hoe Price.  Stop being $5, back alley Political Hoez,
and at least step up to making these Political Pimps pay a little more.

Don’t bend over or drop to your knees over some Commutations when you could held out for some Pardons.