How Can Invaders Cry About Illegal Immigration?

Whites have the fucking nerve to be up in arms about immigrants crossing their boarders, but when you look as the whole picture, it should be POC who protest and ban Whites from entering their nations.

There is an entire culture and economy of Europeans and White Americans traveling to African, Asia, and Latin American to engage in Sex with children, or to indulge in Trill Kills where they take the life of someone just for the rush, these killings are often video taped and sold as “snuff films.”

When an American or European get caught, they bury the story in some obscure publication, and treat it like it’s an isolated incident instead of a routine practice that has been going on since Europeans first started colonizing the rest of the world.

Often, the Predator is let off after paying the corrupt officials a substantial bribe and allowed to return to Europe or the US, and serve no jail time at all.

Even White historians have compared the European mass migration to other lands as being akin to a viral infection or metastatic cancer, as far as their impact on non-European cultures and ecosystems.

I think if Whites in the US and Europe really hated non-White immigrants coming to their lands, they just need to also ban the imports of resources and goods from non-White lands as well and I promise you, no POCs will darken the doorsteps of White nations again.