Comrade Diallo, why do black folks create hashtags like #oscarssowhite, but won’t create hashtags like #revolutionizeAfricancinema or #supportNollywood. Why do black folk insist on being included and represented in white or european owned, created and supported institutions?

Integration and Integrationist leaders and organization have undue influence over out thinking and actions because our oppressors have been promoting reformist and Integrationism within Black communities and movements since 1868.  At the same time, our oppressors have been suppressing, with legal and extra legal means, any radical or liberationist leaders, movements, and ideologies.

The Integrationist are very arrogant and they mock Black Radicalism and Pan-Africanism; they tell our community that they are more prominent and successful because they are more practical in their approach, but this is fiction.

Integrationist are propped up and sustained by our oppressors, even the “militant” integrationist are.

So, after more than 100 years of vicious, unrelenting attack against Liberation, Radical, and Revolutionary Black struggle, and more than 100 years of propping up and promoting Integrationist Black Leaders and organizations, the vast majority of our people are indoctrinated into thinking that being integrated into WPS (White People’s Shit) is the only path to wealth, freedom, security, beauty, and humanity.  It’s both sad and really sick, esp. when we can see that WPS ain’t even working too well for White people at this point. 

Side Note:  I do think we who have escaped, or never fell into the Integration Trap spend too much time trying to pull Blacks (who are Integrationist) outta the Integration Trap.  We don’t have the material or energetic resources to do that. Our time and energy should be focused on building viable alternatives among other Radical, Revolutionary, and Pan-Africanist Africans who are trying to dismantle and distance themselves from WPS.  

That means; if you only have 2-10 conscious Africans in your community, don’t trip off of #OscarSoWhite, organize a Pan-African film festival.  It can start off at someone’s home with a few DVDs of African films.  You can then expand to free spaces like the library when you generate enough support, then on to a small local movie house, and so on.  We need to start were we are and work with what we got.  Eventually we can organize Revolutionary awards or recognition shows outside of both Oscar and Negro Integrationist ceremonies like the NAACP awards.  We can create a demand and market for African films, or expand that demand or market, or even begin to influence those films to better articulate and advance our ideas and struggle. 

Telling Black Integrationist how wrong they are just will not work, I tried it for more than a decades, but setting a proper example works, providing our community with viable alternatives to the Integrationist, Reformist, Protest movements that waste so much of our time works.  That’s because more than a few Integrationist will get tired of fighting for shit that ain’t worth fighting for, and they will either just become inactive, or they will seek you out and see what you are all about, and at the point you (and I) need to have more available to them than a; “I told you so.”