How to deal with so called liberal Whites who claim to be progressive ? Would pretending to agree work ?

Well, when I’m bored I engage them, and test their Progressive and Liberal  stances; I like to see just how far they are willing to take their “progress.”  They usually stop before they get to acknowledging and opposing Global White Domination. 

Most White Liberals just want a more humane system of White Domination, where Whites are in control, but there’s more tolerance for non-Whites, Gays, the disabled, and other formerly out groups.  They wont surrender power, but they’ll allow for more opportunities for non-Whites to enjoy the spoils of Empire and White Dominion. 

I don’t pretend to agree with them, but most White Liberals don’t have to deal with the annoyance of Pan-African or Revolutionary ideas because they have so many token Black liberals and other non-White tokens in their organizations, movements, and social circles, that validate their shit; they can easily dismiss Blacks they label Angry, or Militant, unrealistic or reverse-racist.

Ultimate, we’ll have to deal with the White Liberals the same way we deal with the White Conservative, White Nationalist, and White Racist; cuz when we challenge their power and hold on the world’s resources, these classifications become irrelevant and they all join up to protect White Hegemony, not matter their professed individual White ideologies.

The CIA and US military is full of Liberals, Liberals constructed many of the policies of the empire, Liberals are not progressive; they even attack White Radicals, Anarchist, Socialist, Revolutionary Communist, and Revolutionaries to protect this System.