Capitilism’s Admission Fee…


Massive death and violence is the admission you pay for entry into the capitalist economic system. The Pilgrims killed off the Natives, and were not hesitant to kill any other Europeans who got in their way. Not even the womenfolk were safe, they’d be burned at the stake if they sought to go against the flow.

The Europeans who came later; the Italians, Irish, Eastern Europeans, Jews, and other poor rabble from the slums of France, Great Britain, Germany: had to pay their dues. They formed violent gangs, criminal cartels, and corrupt political machines to secure their place in the capitalist economy. (See: Gangs of New York, for a superficial view of this history.) China and India had to kill or allow millions to die to be brought to the table. The Korean lost millions and had to spit their nation in half for a seat at the table. Mexico is currently going through its Bloody Capitalism Baptism as we speak. Nigeria is killing both its citizens and its ecology to be down. Blood and violence is the admission fee to capitalism, there’s no contesting this. The Europeans fought two World Wars to maintain their positions in this system!

Now Black folks here in the US were locked out of the economy because we started off as property, then we were subjected to legal exclusion and economic apartheid up until the 1960s; but now “Weez Free!” We began our integration into this society and this economy in the late 60s and early 70s. We, began to form violent criminal organizations around that time, our politicians, ministers, and Black elite began to play their role in establishing a decadent elite who act as parasites on the Black masses.

We are following the formula To A Tee.

The only problem is that it can take a century or more before things level off; before we can export the bloodshed to other communities, or overseas like the dignified White people do, we are only a couple of decades into the process. It can take even longer before the corruption of our gangsters and our elite is legitimized or made lawful like the White we still seek equality with.

The death you see in the Black community, the homicides and gangs are all par for the course. Capitalism is fueled by blood, and you gotta pay to play.

Why do you Integrationist complain? Do you think you should be exempt from the process of capitalist integration? Can you point to a race or nation that came peacefully to Capitalism? Pay ya dues (in the blood of your youth) and stop complaining.

If you don’t think the blood of our youth is worth the right to be players in this dysfunctional economy; you need to get with the Revolutionary Pan-Africanist Liberation Movement.