On Western Xenophobia and Hyper-Aggression….

African people and the world in general has been colonized and is now dominated by a pathologically Xenophobic Culture.

A Culture that dictates that you must not only fear the Other, you must attack it, you must dominate it, you must when possible kill the Other.

I hope it goes without saying I’m talking about Western culture, Eurocentric Culture.

This culture is so pathologically Xenophobic, so Hyper Aggressive that it will invent the Other when they Other is not present. It will identify and highlight seemingly irrelevant differences if there are no significant differences within groups, when they lack a true Other to isolate and attack.

Before Whites found foreign cultures and races to label as the Other and attack, they simply found internal others to attack. Men attacked women, The fit attacked the lame, the young attacked the old, the French attacked the German, the blonde attacked the non-blonde…..etc, etc, etc.

When Europe was brought out of Savage Darkness into the Light of Civilization by Xenophilic cultures, instead of embracing differences and showing eternal appreciation for being introduced to everything from soap to architecture; they bid their time, transformed the tools of Civilization into the Weapons of Conquest and set about attacking the wide range of Others they encountered around the globe.

We literally have situations where Europeans encountered lands of wealth, of peace, of health, where they were fully accepted; and instead of just chilling and accepting the more advanced and humane ways of the Other, they set about attacking these Others and bringing about the hellish conditions they were trying to escape in Europe…, just think about that. Damn.

Can you imagine finding a place where there is free food, housing, abundant health, beautiful men/women, and joy abounds; but instead of getting with the program, you start to set up the absurd and ecocidal conditions we live in here in the US and other places in the so-called Developed Nations? How fucking Xenophobic you gotta be to do that?

Well, that’s what happened. That’s where we are, right now.

That’s why we have all these movements for Equality, because Equality means being Equal to White folks so that they will not see you as the Other and attack you. That’s what Equality is all about, don’t fall for all the BS people try to tell you about Equality.

Knowing all of this we should reject the absurdity of Equality, Integration, Peaceful Coexistence, and Post-Racialism. This culture will have conflict, it needs conflict, it needs the Persecuted Other to sustain it’s own identity.

That’s why Obama only increased general White hostility towards Blacks,even as he did everything in his power to advance the US Empire, and Global White Domination, his ass is still the Other to them, and there’s nothing he can do to exit the Other Box, so they will hate him as he serves them.

The only way forward is to end Western Domination of the World, to dismantle their Economic and Military Infrastructure, to erect cultural and physical barriers to the expression of Western Xenophobia against the Non-White World.

Sorry, but that’s the only viable option, you keep trying to find a just and safe place within the Systems of GWD and you’ll be fighting the same battles now that we fought a century ago, and our descendants will be fighting them a century from now.

Revolution is the only solution. You can’t make peace with a Culture that views peace as an opportunity to prepare for war, that views any difference as an affront to its own existence, that invents differences so that it will have an outlet for its hyper-aggression.

We will successfully oppose GWD, or we will be, along with all other complex lifeforms; consumed by GWD (and by consumed I mean exterminated,).

Even some White (or non-Black) folks have figured this out and are telling it. If you don’t believe me, I can refer you to White scholars, scientist, psychologist, and activist who will tell you in no uncertain terms that Western Culture has a “death urge,” and we must destroy its hold on humility.