What is the difference between Pan-Africanism and African Internationalism? Was Pan-Africanism attack on Garvey’s effort to unify Africa and African people? I just thought they were the same thing, different name?

As far as I know; the Uhuru movement came up with AI cuz they wanted their own isolated segment of the Struggle, its really just about branding and ownership….at the core, I’m sorry to say.

I know about all the shit they came up with about Black Elites coming up with PA, but that’s utter bullshit. The Black Elites were the ones who had the time and resources to organize and hold conferences, the poor and working class Blacks didn’t organize or go to conferences, back then or now. But holding a dame conferences, publishing papers, and giving public talks don’t give you ownership over an ideology or mission.

How many poor & working class people can afford to show up at Uhuru’s Black Is Back conferences?

Black Elites are having conferences right now dealing with Racial Justice, Gender Politics, Black Economics, etc; but they don’t own that shit; so it’s stupid to say Pan-Africanism belongs to the Elites just cuz some Elite Negros back in the day embraces it or claimed ownership of it.

What matters are the merits of the ideology and mission, are they sound, just, achievable; if yes, then it’s legitimate.  

The UM got pissed cuz they were under attack from RBG Black Puritans for their liberal stances and their embrace of LGBTQs into their organization and movement, and since those Black Puritans were Pan-Africanist they decided to rebrand and rename and take ownership of their own version of Pan-Africanism, then they started to criticize anyone who didn’t buy into their new branding of Pan-Africanism. Just silly shit. SMH.

Pan-Africanism is such a broad ideology and mission that it’s gonna have plenty of assholes join up, or claim to be down, that’s with any movement, and some people get so fed up with the assholes that they will break off and form their own branch, even more often the assholes will break off and form their own sect; then they all try to act like they coming with some new shit. LOL!

It don’t matter to me, I ain’t interested in creating new sects within the movement, or pretending that just cuz I add some additional insights to the ideology that I’ve invented something brand new. 

My only issue with AI is how those who embrace it make absurd accusations about Pan-Africanism and Pan-Africanist.  I’m was a poor child living in public housing on welfare and food-stamps when I became a Pan-Africanist and started organizing for Pan-Africanism; just about all of the Pan-Africanist I’ve worked with over the decades have been poor and working class people; it’s crazy to state that PA is Elite or Elitist, or that PA was an attack on Garvey, absurd.

All that being said, I ain’t got no beef with UM, but they do have a tendency to get into these spats all the time.

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