New Negros think it is a point of pride to be Happy, or to Harbor No Negativity in their lives. They imagine that shit is supposed to denote some level of spiritual enlightenment, higher realm of existence, or that their lives are so fucking interesting and dynamic that they can’t be bogged down by such low level emotions.

Let me tell you, there’s noting impressive about Happy, Positive people who acquiesce to the state of the world as it is, nothing. I know the human brain is a phenomenal organ that can create a reality within someone’s head that totally contradicts their physical conditions. Also, the Oppressor’s Systems are now so sophisticated that they can now allow a small segment of humanity to enjoy the spoils of this Omnical System they control while making it look like those who suffer under these same Systems are actually responsible for their own destitution.

So now it is easier than ever for people who are Cowards, Delusional, or the Sociopaths who lack Human Empathy to no only trod through this dying world Happily, but feel that their Happiness (in Hell) makes them special, or better than we who are enraged about the state of the world, and we who are hostile towards those who made/make it the way that it is.

Not to say that these types were not around when Oppression was less sophisticated and more blatant. There were Happy Slaves on Plantations who’d tell the other slaves how good life could be if they were as smart, charming, and hard working as the Happy Slaves. The Happy Slaves had good relations with Massa, always reached their Cotton Quota, and would never dream of spitting in the Massa’s pot.

As back then, as today; we need to deal with these Happy Slaves in the most appropriate manor. In the times of building, plotting, and organizing; we isolate and exclude them. In the times of execution of our plan…, we employ more aggressive tactics.

Most immortally, don’t allow these Happy Slave Descendants, these New Negros, to shame you into felling inadequate or guilty because you don’t have a permanent smile painted on your face as you navigate this nation, as you see and relate to our people’s plight. We all have things we enjoy, moments of happiness and bliss, but we Africans understand that we have to keep our edge, we can never get too comfortable, and there is noting on this planet more justified and righteous then Black Rage.


Note: Happiness is good, but should be a by product of good works, not an end goal unto itself. Be Happy, share Happiness, but don’t wear it as a badge of honor, or pretend that your state of Happiness makes you immune the harsh and genocidal realities conditions of African people.

All emotions are transient; it is the ideology and principles that must remain fixed.