What are you opinions on the stock market? What could be it’s substitute that doesn’t enslave and impoverish Africans around the world? Is that even possible without the destruction of capitalism in your opinion?

The Stock Market is promoted as an institutions to allow investors to fund entrepreneurs and existing businesses so that they may be established or expand their operations, but like most other things in Capitalism; it’s a fucking lie.  I don’t want to get too technical, or give an answer that’s too long, so this is gonna be difficult.

The Stock Market is not a casino, except the poker chips are human lives and the planet’s ecosystem.  The Stock Market is a tool to manipulate and discipline the US economy (and by “discipline” I mean to make sure the Human Resource do nothing to disrupt the interest and accumulation of the Economic Elites, or they will impose economic pain on the nation though Market Manipulation).  The Stock Markets allow people who do not work to not only profit from the labor of others, but to dictate the quality of the lives of workers.  The Stock Market is at the root of much of the economic and by extension social disruptions and instability in the US and by extension the world. 

My opinion is the Stock Market is that it is a Savage and Primitive Institutions that should be dismantled, along with the Capitalism who own it.

We don’t need to replace or substitute the Stock Market, that’s the argument the Oppressors love to put forth, they want us to come up with alternatives for shit we don’t need; they say “who’s gonna replace the police, prisons, military, corporations, and Stock Markets, if we get rid of them."  We don’t need any of them, and we don’t need to replace them after they are gone.

Capitalism is self-destructive, and so are all of the Systems and Institutions based on it.  The problem is; if we allow Capitalism to collapse under it’s own corruption, then it will take all the world’s ecosystems down with it.  Therefore, we have to expedite it’s demise, to destroy Capitalism as quickly and deliberately as possible.

We need to relocalized production, economies, and markets.  We need to elevate Ecology over Economy and embedded all Economies within their local Ecologies.  We need to establish a system free of exploitation of labor, were a Rich man can make money off the labor of people in sweatshops as he sits on a beach doing no work.  We need to ban billionaires and poverty, because one would not exist without the other.  We need to stop accepting that we need to compete with each other and other nations and know that human survival and development is rooted in cooperation not competition.  We need World Wide Revolution.

Fuck the Stock Market, Fuck Capitilims, and Fuck the mass indoctration that prevents so much of humaity from being able to imagine a world free of those unneeded parasicty instutions and systems.