Human Parasites.

I’ve taken the Food Safety certification classes in three different
states (NY, MO, and IL) and the whole damn course is about the many
dangers, parasites, diseases, and contamination of meat, dairy, and

This society has to expend so much effort and resources
to make animal flesh and their bodily fluids edible for humans, from
using mass amounts of antibiotics to irradiating the meat, to using
synthetic dyes and strong toxic gasses to sustain the red and
“succulent” appearance of the dead
animal flesh, because exposed blood coagulates and dead flesh turns
brown and putrid with in minuets after it’s killed; so how is that your
meat still looking like it’s freshly killed days and months after it’s
killed, why hasn’t the blood crusted and scabbed over?  If you think the
answer is refrigeration, then you are a fool.  That shit is embalmed,
full of chemicals, dyes, and  other “classified” additives.

Then we don’t even count the trillions spent on chronic disease
maintenance and premature death the is tied to meat consumption.  Over
68% of all chronic diseases are tied to meat, fish, and dairy

If you were a real omnivorous person you’d eat the
damn meat right off the bone while your prey’s heart is still pumping
blood through the body; you’d walk into the yard and grab a chicken and
bite into it, through the feathers and chew that shit and swallow that
shit and love it like I do when I walk into may garden and pick up a
leaf of spinach, or a tomato and eat that shit without even rinsing it.
You’d behave more like a bear, or coyote, or a rat; real omnivorous
animals; or you’d at least have that option.  You wouldn’t have to
sanitize the meat and cooking instruments, you wouldn’t have to use
protective gear and cook that shit until all of the living enzymes and
parasites are fully dead and or neutralized, you wouldn’t have to sign a
waver when you ordered rear meat in a restaurant if you were a real

The truth is though, human meat eaters  in industrial
societies are parasites, not omnivorous.  Omnivores and Carnivores are
essential to an ecosystem, they target the weak, sick, and injured
animals most often, and help to keep their prey’s herd strong, they help
to keep diseased and deformed animals out of the gene pool, they also
expend a great amount of energy to secure their prey.  Human parasites
breed all of the wild characteristics out of their victims, they eat
them in their prime, and destroy the ecosystems they dwell in.  

Parasite kills without contributing, a predator risks all for the kill
and make valuable contributions to the very species they kill, and they
sustain ecosystems, not destroy them.

So, you can save all of
your absurd justifications for consuming the flesh, bones, blood, puss,
excrement, milk, and lives of tortured and captive animals, you want but
they don’t stand up.  


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