Cops: The Protectors of the Oppressors.

Can someone please tell these cops that it’s not their job to “protect law & order,” but to serve the interest of the public. That means when the law and the order (of things) begins to hurt the masses, they should take up arms and clubs against the law makers and order keepers!

If blows my mind how these cops and other armed bureaucrats keep defending the Elite and their rape of the world. Do they think they and their children are immune to the destruction of the biosphere, can the fucking police breath polluted air, grow on contaminated soil, and thrive on toxic water better than the rest of us? Do they think that the Elite include them in their escape plans once they’ve exploited these lands into complete economic and ecological collapse?

I sometimes try to get my mind around the mentality of these cops but I just don’t understand them. I try to ask them, but they usually just threaten violence and arrest instead of answering my inquiries.

The cop are accepting lower middle class wages and sadistic authority in exchange for defending those who are killing the planet, that just don’t seem like a good trade-off to me.

Don’t give me that “protecting us from criminals bullshit” either because the cops defend the laws that keep the masses unarmed and defenseless, while supporting policies that drive so many to crime and insanity, so the police are as much as a problem as the street level criminals, if not more. Don’t fucking impose dependency on me, then expect me to be appreciative of your “services.”

We need Community Defense Forces, we need to organize against the police until they figure out that they are us and we are them.

I’m sick of these fucking petty-fascist treating our communities like Safari Man-Hunting Ranches.