Psy-Op: Krokodil in the U.S.A.

This story is gaining a lot of traction. Krokodil Russia’s Deadliest Drug is now reportedly in the US. It is a horrific drug rots the body from the inside, it leads to inflammation, destroys blood circulation leading to gangrene and amputation, and ultimately a painful and untimely death.

Here’s my issue:

There are currently millions of Black people in the US who are abusing “drugs” that cause swelling of the limbs, destroys blood circulation which leads to gangrene and amputation, and causes them to die decades before their time. These drugs are collectively know as Processed Foods! Processed Foods are mass produced and processed meat & dairy products, refined sugars, devitalized (white) carbohydrates, GMOs, etc, which all destroy the health of those who consume them!

You walk through the hood and you will see bodies deformed from morbid obesity, rheumatoid arthritis, and other chronic conditions that are directly related to diet and lack of exercise. The Motorized Wheelchairs are now common place throughout this society. Dialysis Centers are popping up as fast a McDonald’s, Korean Owned Beauty Supply Stores, and Walmarts in the hood!

So before you get sucked into the latest media hype over the newest drug, please take time to see what is really injuring and killing our people in the greatest numbers.

Them most dangerous drugs in this society are legal, abundant, and already in most of our homes.