LGBTQAI Integration Marches On…..into oblivion.

So, what’s the latest remarkable victory in the LGBTQAI struggle?

Is it the reduction of homelessness and poverty among LGBTQAI youth of color?  Nope!

Is it a reduction of violence against LGBTQAI people of color?  Hells naw.

Is it bringing attention to and ending the practice of Corrective rape?  Nah.

Is it ending the practice of giving harsher jail sentences to LGBTQAI offenders of color?  Nada!

Is it ending US military aggression against the 3rd World, which is
killing non-Whites regardless of their gender and sexuality.  Fuck no!

Is the latest victory in the LGBTQAI Movement, the Gay rights movement  securing the right for Transgender men and Transgender women to serve openly in the US military?! Yes! That’s it.

So all of the victims of US military aggression across the world can  
enjoy being murdered, colonized, and occupied by one of the most
socially progressive mercenary armies in world history!

Oh, and
if you think a more inclusive military means a less genocidal military;
just take a moment to review US military history, when they integrated
Blacks into the military during the Revolutionary and Civil War, or when
they desegregated the military in 1948, you’ll see it didn’t make the
military less racist or aggressive against non-Whites.

How about
when women were allowed to enlist, and later allowed to server on the
front lines during the Gulf War, it didn’t reduce the rapes and sexual
atrocities of the US military, many of the enlisted women joined in the
sexual abuses, and many more enlisted women were targets of sexual
abuses by their fellow soldiers!  

So, show me were opening up
the military for LGBTQAIs will improve anything for the military,
LGBTQAIs, or the rest of humanity.

If the GRM was really about
justice they would fight to exempt LGBTQAIs from the military, like the
Black Panthers and other pro-justice groups fought to exempt their
people from service in the armed forces of the empire.  

what you get when you embrace Liberalism, Integration, and Reforms; the
oppression remains but more people are allowed to serve within the
Systems and Institutions of the Oppressors.