They Come in All Colors & Cultures….Unfortunately

I wonder if there are any Palestinian ‘Uncle Akbars’ who are blaming their own people for the atrocities being committed against them. Saying shit like “we Arabs are our own worst enemy.”

Do these ‘Uncle Akbars’ say other shit like:

“-If we’d just stop all this Arab-on-Arab violence…
-If we’d just obey the (Zionist) laws…
-If we valued (Koranic) education more…
-If we just used our Fiat currency more wisely…
-If we just trusted in Allah, pray to Allah more…
-If we didn’t act so Ghetto in these Occupied territories
-If our women were more…(like what ever the sexist what them to be)
-If we didn’t smoke all that Hashish

…then the Zionist wouldn’t be bombing us, taking our lands, depriving us of the basic resources and mobility we need to live dignified lives, and systematically exterminating us. It’s our own fault!”

I bet there are Uncle Akbars; all oppressed populations produce despicable, and stupid traitors and vocal Sell-Outs, why would the Palestinians be any different.
[It seems that the Palestinian masses know how better to deal with their Uncle Akbars than we do with our Uncle Toms however, that’s why their oppressiors have to ratchet* up the pressure. But that’s a different discussion.]

I wonder if these folks have an annual convention wh erethey come together and develop new ways to attack their own people and hold their people’s enemies blameless, I bet the New Negro delegation from the US has the biggest booth at the Global Race Traitor Convention.

(Note: If you don’t understand satire, please just scroll on. Please! I beg you, just pretend that you didn’t see this. The rest of you, thanks for taking the time to read and comprehend.)

*Notice how I used ‘ratchet’ in its correct context, when is the last time you saw someone do dat?