Do you think what Mark Essex did was right? Seems he didn’t do much to advance black power, just killed random whites.

White killers are on the US currency, there are monuments to White killers, statues of them all over the nation, there are holidays dedicated to White killers that we are all obligated to observed in some form. 

There isn’t one fucking day when every single Black person in this nation doesn’t encounter the name, face, or legacy of a White person who “just killed random” Blacks; who raped Black women, children, and men; who tortured, maimed, and mutilated Black people for sport and profit. 

The soil of this nation is saturated with the blood of Africans (and Natives), and we, up to this very day have to deal with the ongoing theft of our wealth and resources, the ongoing discrimination and degradation of African people, and the ongoing unprovoked, unjustified, but fully legalized killing and brutalization of Black people by police forces, and armed White citizens!

Not only that, Whites have committed genocide on every single populated landmass on planet earth, they have polluted and are destroying every single ecosystem on the planet. 

So, you might want to think twice before you ask me if I think Mark Essex was right.

You might want to reconsider asking me what I think about a Black man, who endured Racial attacks and mistreatment as a Black citizen, and even as an enlisted Black man serving in his nation’s Armed Forces, a Black man who observed his people being mistreated and deprived of their basic human rights for no other reason than to satisfy the pathological fear and aggression of “random Whites.”
You might not want to ask me about what I think about Mark Essex; cuz the answer might hurt your fragile White Liberal feelings. 

Also, don’t fucking concern yourself with what what Black folks think, figure out what the fuck is up with your own people and the Omnicidal Death Urge that drives your very culture; figure that shit out, and fix it.  Don’t be asking me shit.