Where is my (Black) Male Privilege, I Can’t Seem to Locate It…

I’ve had another Black Feminist tell me that I have male privilege in this Patriarchal society; I’ve been told that so many times, but it has never been laid out or detailed for me. So Imma share my question to her with the rest of yall Feminist, please answer ASAP so I can find and begin to exercise my Black Male Privilege:

“_____________(name of Black Feminist) please give me examples of male privilege, and remember, that privilege has to extend to all Black males or it’s not a male privilege. Also, that privilege should emanate from Black men, be founded, sustained, and advanced by Black men, because if it’s us riding on the coat-tails of other men of other Races, then it ain’t OUR privilege.

I’d like to really know where our privilege is so I can share it with my brothers who are incarcerated maimed and crippled by violence, living in abject poverty, suffering from other substandard and subhuman conditions; I’d love to show them where they have some privilege and advantage because they have penises that they would not have if they didn’t.

I’d like to know what atrocity or indignity that the Black woman suffers that the Black man is exempt from; (the reverse of this question is open to any of these Brothers out here saying Black women have some advantage over the Black man, yall can chime in too).”