Damn. I’m black and atheist. So atheism is white shit? In that post you typed that if you have to put the word black in front of.. then most likely you should get behind it. I know what you mean but getting behind something is a common expression of supporting something. Maybe you should have told us black people to put it behind us.

I’m an Atheist too.  An Atheist since I was 14 years old, I was threatened with being put in foster care for refusing to go to church with my family, literally threat to be thrown away for my stance on Religion.  When I became an Atheist I didn’t know any White people personally, nor had I ever read any text by professed White Atheist, my Atheism came from my community and culture.  Only years later did I even read about secular humanism, and mainstream Atheism.

That all being said, I’ve encountered many Black Atheist who engage the Black majority who are still Believers in Christianity and Islam mainly just like White folks do, they don’t have any real solidarity with the Black liberation struggle, and because Atheism is not prominent or accepted in the Black community, they move among Whites, and…let’s be real, they act White.  “I said it, I said it, I said it!” – Wise Intelligent.

I joined a Black Atheist group and they got pissed when I tried to inject issues of Black Oppression and Genocide, when I tried to bring discussions of Pan-Africanism and oppostion to Global White Domination to the table.  They wanted to just talk about how stupid Religion was and how stupid believers were and how wise and advanced we all were for rejecting God and religion.  That’s some White-ass shit right there.

It’s funny, I didn’t even put Atheism on the original list until one of my Brothers, a believer pointed out that is should be on there. 

Hell, I’m a Vegan and #BlackVegans should have made the damn list.

Garvery told us a century ago; RACE FIRST, the agendas and issues of our people above all else, so if Pan-Afrianism is your center, then you can withstand shots taken at your Atheism.

I think the first Atheist were Africans, because the first gods and religions arose out of Africa, and the first Religions and Gods provoked the first Atheist to say; “fuck that shit, I ain’t buying it.”

But as Atheism is presented in a Western Context, it’s another branch on the tree of White Domination, so we can be Atheist all we want, but we need to make sure our alliance remains with the Black community and our particular struggles. 

So I’m keeping my Atheist Card, but it’s several slots behind my Pan-African Card in my wallet.