If You Ain’t Organizing…Shut the Hell Up About Spirituality & the Cosmos!

Is it sad or ironic that those who talk the most about the their oneness with Nature & the Universe are most often the least likely to organized to defend the natural world?

Almost without fail when someone is in my face talking about vibrations, and attuning their energy; I know they will not link with anyone for productive action. I tell them; “you know, the US Empire and its willing allies are using vibrations, and energy waves to spy on us, to expose us to harmful wavelengths that will shorten the our lifespans, and corporations are using your esoteric science for profit and exploitation,” and they stare at me. They accuse me of bringing them Negative Energy.

When someone tells me that they are a Spiritual Being, I ask them why they surrender their physical reality, which is, according to them, lower than the spiritual reality. I ask them how can they master the higher realm of Spirituality, but have no damn power in the lower realm of physical reality. That’s like mastering Theoretical Physics, but having no grasp of basic math (addition/subtraction)! They tell me that I need to get in touch with my higher self to understand, but I think I just need to get the fuck away from people who say that kinda shit.

I promise you, the more Cooper Amulets embedded with Crystals, Rare Stones, and Petrified Minerals you see a person wear, the less interest they have in actually owing a cooper mine, or taking up a shovel to secure these materials collectively; hell they don’t even have any interest in owing stock in mining companies!

I have meet thousands of people who commune with their Ancestors on a daily basis, they erect shires to them in their homes, they leave food out for them whenever they eat, they pour libations to them at every opportunity. These Brothas and Sistas have told me that their Ancestors have told them the sex of their unborn children, prevented planes that they were riding from crashing, and even sent money their way. I’m still waiting on our Ancestors to tell these people to throw all of their time, talent, and resources into avenging the atrocities committed against them, to dismantle the Systems of Global Oppression, or simply to work to own the land, housing, and businesses in their community. It seems the Ancestors like to tell them to do things they would have likely done even if the Ancestors didn’t say shit to them.

I guess I should mention them cats who think that George Clinton was a teller of accurate prophecies, instead of simply a creative entertainer. Although we ain’t got as many people waiting around on a Funkadelic Mothership as we used too, that nonsense had a good run in the 70s and 80s. If you don’t believe me, ask your uncles and aunties.

My ultra-favorites are the Kemetic Blacks. No one can out talk, dress, or culture them. They will tell you of our past greatness til your ears bleed, but don’t bother asking 90% of them to help you to create contemporary greatness. They gotta save their money to fly to KMT (on British Airways) to confirm our past accomplishment. I don’t know how they manage to overlook all of the invaders running around controlling the place. I’ve yet to meet a Khemite who’s sent one dollar to any effort to retake the land from the Arab invaders, or one bullet either. With all the money they spend on lectures, tours, mini-pyramids, headdresses, and other stuff; they could have hired Private Military Contractors to retake the land for them by now.

The fact is, Black “high-sciences,” spirituality, and historical mimicry are just a holes many have dug to escape the reality the current world. These behaviors and ideologies allow people to look like they are doing something, while doing noting. Pretending to be on a different plane or ultra-spiritual allows Blacks to pretend that they are more than a despised, powerless, oppressed people who are being subjected to a Global Genocide Campaign. Far too many of us are willing to live with our heads in the clouds until our enemies put them in the ground.

If you disagree, don’t bother telling me I’m wrong; Prove me Wrong! I’m right here waiting, I’m down to work with any spiritual, positive energy, esoteric, Khemitic, Brothers and Sisters, on any productive agenda yall bring forth. Please prove me wrong. I’m waiting.