Old Slavery vs. Modern Slavery.

Old Slavery:
Capture, brutalized, and bond a people, then force them to work for you, while maintaining an armed force to intimidate the slaves and put down upraising.

This system caused all but a very sick few slaves to hate the system and the Slave Masters. It forced the Slave Masters to live under constant stress, and fear, and invest more and more of their profit into controlling the slaves and putting down rebellion.

Modern Slavery:
Indoctrinate, coerce, and employ people to work for wages, thus freeing the slave masters from the obligation to house, feed, and clothe their slaves. That’s why most wages are proportional to what a Plantation owner would have to spend to upkeep his human property.

Create complex media and social structures which drive slaves to regulate other slaves into submission to the system of exploitation. Then Slave Masters don’t have to lock slaves up on the plantation, they can allow them to roam freely, and know that they will return to their placed of work willingly.

This system greatly reduces resentment towards the Slave Masters, and the number of rebellions and uprisings, you still need armed forces for the sporadic violence, but under these conditions most of the violence from the slaves/wage earners is direct at other slaves/wage earners; very, very rarely is wage earner violence directed at the Slave Masters/“Job Creators.”

Note: The Old Slavery is still in full effect in the US, you just have to be arrested and convicted of a crime to be subjected to it.

Another Note: There is no shame in being enslaved for the slave, the shame only comes from passive submission to enslavement.