It’s Still Nation Time…

OK, after the Civil Rights Movement, Affirmative Action, all these Minstrels and Ball-Chasers earning immense riches (not wealth, but riches), and all the other ‘Black Achievements’ over the last half century, culminating in the election of Obama to POTUS; after all that shit, I can understand why many Black people would have just assumed that, despite some lingering Racism, we have made it! That “wez dun reached de Promised Land,” of full Integration into the American Nation.

I don’t hold it against any Black person who decided that they would simply be good, loyal, law abiding Americans and enjoy the benefits of setting at the foot of the throne of White Imperialism; totally understandable.

Maybe the only history you know is what they taught in White schools, and you didn’t know that your ability to be a Middle-Class, Educated, Striving Black person is a direct result of the Revolutionary Struggles of Militant Africans from Garvey, to Malcolm X, to the Black Liberation Army. Maybe you thought your progress was a result of White people just having a change of heart, and deciding on their own not to lynch us, to open opportunities for us, to stop calling us Ni99ers on national television and shit like that, maybe you were just ill-informed about history and Black progress, I totally understand.

But now, it’s 20-muthafuckin-14, we dun had countless atrocities committed against us by the State, from the Katrina Massacres, to the string of Police Murder and Brutality cases, to Obama’s utter betrayal of the Black community’s unyielding support for his Administration.

No matter what Jessie Jackson says, Hope is Dead, at least the hope of us gaining Equality and full Integration into any Government, System, Economy dominated by Whites. Sorry, I don’t know why the fuck we ever wanted that shit any way.

So you can’t play ignorant of the State of the World and Black folks Plight anymore.

I’m saying all that to say that; I think that if you and you family gets fucked up or murdered by the cops or suffers any other kind of State sanctioned injustice or Racism, the first thing that you or your family members need to stand up and say is; I/or our loved one was/is an active member of ______________ (insert name of Black Liberationists Organization here).

If you are Black and between the ages of 16-99 you better be active in some community, national, or Pan-African formation that’s fighting for Black Empowerment, there’s no excuse. I don’t think we should even march or unite behind Black people who only discover their Blackness,Racial Obligations, and the injustices of the System when there’s a boot on their neck.

There is no excuse for not being organized today; shit is way too fucked up to not be organizing, It’s Nation Time, It has always been Nation Time, we just go lulled to sleep for a decade or so, but there’s no excuse to continue to sleep.

I’m getting tired of these Black people who are “just Americans” jumping on the news crying when the cops show them that being “just American” will provide them no shelter from White Aggression.

Our ancestors organized and broke the Empire, they won the War, but we lost the Peace, time to do more than just proTEST, DEMOnstrate, and engage in ACTivism; we need Revolution, we need to continue the Revolution that was sparked decades ago.