What are your thoughts on Ronald Reagan? Why do a lot of whites love him even though his policies also ruined their prospects?

Ronnie Ray-Gun (as Gil Scot Heron called him) was a B-list celebrity who was assigned the role of POTUS by the elites in the early 1980s.  By the time he won his second term he had already shown signs of dementia and Alzheimers. Reagan was a shitty Racist, a mediocre actor, and a good and loyal servant of the White Elites.  That’s all.

As for The White masses love of Reagan, it’s real simple.  The White Masses credit Reagan with putting the final death nail in the New Deal, Great Society, The War on Poverty, and Civil Rights Reforms.  Reagan made America Great Again long before Trump ever started talking that bullshit.  When they talk about Making America Great they are talking about taking America back to the 50s, talk America back to even before the New Deal Reforms brought socialism to America.

Frome the onset of the Great Depression up to the majority Civil Rights Reforms of the White Elites and their White Nationalist puppets have felt as though they were losing ground, losing their hold on absolute and exclusive power.  For decades White men have had to watch Unions, the White Poor, White Women, Black people, Gays, Muslims, the Disabled, and other Other-Than-White-Men make strides in this nation; and that shit couldn’t stand.

The White Elites have organized and lobbied to destroy all progressive, socialist, and progressive reforms that were secured since the FDR Administration.

Reagan was the man for the job and he got it done.  Now the US has basically returned to the Gilded Age, the Woodrow Wilson Era.  Shit’s all fucked up and most of the Progress liberations, progressive, and Civil Rights activist secured have been rendered inert.

What’s even more insane is that the destruction of Progressive Policy Reforms that Reagan brought about is really hurting White America, it’s fucking up the Reaganites too.  But these Racist Whites have shown time and time again that they are willing to subvert their own class and social interest in order to subvert or harm Black people.  The Average White American prefers a White Dominated Hell over a multiracial and just Heaven.

The bottom line is; the White masses love Reagan cuz he put Ni99ers back in their place.  Also, the Democrats under Bill Clinton have embraced Reaganism, Obama is a Reaganite as far has his policies too.  Reaganism is the order of the day for both parties now.