Do We Really Want Peace, or Just Hidden Violence?


I wonder if those who say they want Peace and an End to Violence really understand how much of their lives and comforts depend on violence.


All of this shit and so much more directly leads to mass global poverty.

All of this shit and so much more can only go on if there are millions of armed soldiers, policemen, and mercenaries willing to suppress and kill the masses to sustain them.

All of this shit and so much more benefits the very protesters and demonstrators who say they want Peace and an End to Violence.

None of this will be addressed through Protest, Demonstrations, or Marches; only a protracted Revolutionary Struggle will bring us anywhere close to dismantling the Systems and Institutions of Oppression that saturate this wold in the Violence so many of us claim to want to end.

If you are not a part of a committed Revolutionary Formation, then your activism is little more than a self-delusion, or at best a tantrum. Sorry; but somebody has to call it. It’s good to stand with the People when they are mobilize, but you should know where the real work is done, and join that real work hater the chanting is done and the signs are stored away until the next publicized atrocity.

I suspect that many who say they want an End to Violence, what they are truly calling for is a Sterilizing Distance between themselves and the violent that grants them their comforts and status.

I feel we all have to be more honest, blunt, and even aggressive because it’s so fucking Late in the Day, so little time is left for us to turn shit around to face total ecosystems collapse; that means no food, no potable water, no life.

Hell, the struggle ain’t simply about freedom or justice anymore, it’s a fight for human existence at this point.